Investor Relations Financial

Investor Relations

Standalone Audited Financials of the Company

Financials FY 2018-19

PDF 3,614 (KB)  

Financials FY 2019-20

PDF 3,330 (KB)  

Financials FY 2020-21

PDF 3,182 (KB)  

Financials FY 2021-22

PDF 658 (KB)  

Standalone Audited Financials of Subsidiary Companies

Financials FY 2018-19 (Ankit International)

PDF 658 (KB)  

Financials 01-Apr-19 to 07-Feb-20 (Ankit International)

PDF 18,941 (KB)  

Financials 07-Feb-20 to 31-Mar-20 (Campus AI Private Limited)

PDF 2,306 (KB)  

Financials FY 2020-21 (Campus AI Private Limited)

PDF 2,797 (KB)  

Select line-item standalone audited financials for the following three Group Companies

Action Shoes Private Limited

PDF 213 (KB)  

Kabeer Textiles Private Limited

PDF 247 (KB)  

M G Udyog Private Limited

PDF 188 (KB)